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Bloomsbury Square Makes – Elegant Wrap Dress Vogue V1239 by Ralph Rucci

My lovely friend  Claire Tyler has a special occasion in New York in early summer, I will let her tell you all about it as it is very exciting.  This means a new outfit, possibly several (obviously!). She popped over the other day and we had a great time looking at some options. One possibility is the elegant wrap dress V1239 by American designer Ralph Rucci, which suits her style perfectly.

After much thought and a happy time spent rifling through the stock room, we came across the Pale Pink Linen which is a delicate calamine pink in crisp linen with a good drape.  We decided to match the lining in a Crepe de Chine Silk, for an extra luxurious and cool feel next to the skin, and settled upon an oyster colour which doesn’t alter the appearance of the dress fabric from underneath, something to watch out for. For example a white or cream lining would change the colour of the linen on the finished garment and that was not the effect we were after.

After measuring for the initial fitting purposes, she cut out the pattern and the fabric, which caused a lot of discussion because it was so interesting. We both loved the cut on the front panels, which include the sleeves,  lovely curves shaped to fit across the body. The top stitching detail gives an extra dimension for elegance and the two panels on the bottom skirt will also add subtlety to this great design. Feeling good about this dress!

So, watch this space. It is all cut out and in between all her busy appointments, teaching and making, Claire will be progressing with the dress when she has spare moment. I will take some photos and soon you will be able to see this lovely dress for yourself.



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