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Bloomsbury Square News – July Open Day

There is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!

So, the upcoming Bloomsbury Square Open Day on 15th July 2016 has prompted a major tidy up, lots of moving of fabrics, plenty of surreptitious hiding of fabric scraps/threads/mess etc and a dash to Ikea.

What has prompted this sociability you ask?


Well, Claire Tyler has recently opened The Midhurst Sewing Room next door and we thought it would be fun to hold a joint Open Day together, so that everyone can come and see her new teaching home, check out all the classes on her packed timetable and take a look behind the scenes at Bloomsbury Square. Classes AND fabric in the same place? Yay!

Who wants to pass up the chance to it all check out?……Any excuse.

In an exciting development, Claire will also be featuring classes inspired by well-known independent designers, and the very first guest at her launch party, is Francis Tobin the talented designer and creator of The Maker’s Atelier who will be here as well. She will be getting a very warm welcome indeed, as both of us are major fans.

So, pop Friday 15th July 2016, in your diary and if you are passing by in Midhurst, from midday until about six thirty, we would be very pleased to see you, show you our studios and find out all about your sewing projects and what is top of your list for the summer.

The address is on the bottom of the page.  You can find us in The Wharf, which is opposite the Midhurst Duck Pond, go all the way to the end and we are in the building next to KerryType the printers. There is a blue sign on the building – The Administration Building.

See you soon!



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