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UPDATE 29th May 2020

I hope you and your family are doing okay and that you and your loved ones remain safe and well.

As a small independent retail business, I remain open.  I work alone at the moment, so I am able to despatch dressmaking fabric safely, within the regulations of the UK Government. I know that a lot of my lovely clients are wanting to Keep Calm and Sew On, so I will do my best to supply you with the things you need. Sewing and creativity are such wonderful therapy.

I am closed to customers who would like to visit, in line with the UK Government guidelines, so please don’t call round at our new premises. I can’t let you in! Dressmaking fabric shops are not considered essential retail. No comment on that !

Please be aware that the post and delivery services are slower than usual. Sometimes, much slower.  This is due to the massive increase in their business. Please expect that your parcel will take much longer to reach you, and that normal rules do not apply! I am looking at all the options I can at the moment, but most companies are pretty busy.  Btw – shout out to my local Royal Mail and Post Office, who are working really hard and doing a fab job at this time. So please be patient, although I know that’s hard when it comes to fabric.

When our hands are busy, our minds are calm, so whatever creative outlet you choose, whether or not it is sewing, I wish you the comfort of a few hours spent in quiet and happy work, on something which brings you joy.

Our sewing community is warm and welcoming and it is good to see our wider communities are coming together too, to provide help and support in the coming weeks.  It is good to feel part of something positive, now more than ever. Do reach out if you need help and if you can, perhaps you could offer help within your community, wherever that may be.

Let’s stay strong and be kind.

Best Wishes Victoria

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