Fabric Care

Before you start your project, it’s a good idea to consider if/how to prepare your fabric. It helps to make sure that when you put in all that hard work and creativity, you will be happy with your finished garment, so a little preparation is important.


Sometimes fabric may shrink a little, or perhaps a lot. A range of about 2% to 10% is probably what you should allow.


Washable fabrics may be gently pre-washed at a low temp before sewing, as some are liable to shrink a little the first time they are washed or dry-cleaned.  Fabrics with a strong dye should be washed separately for their first wash, in case it runs into other garments. We’ve all done it at one time or another!


You can also gently steam your fabric, on the wrong-side with a pressing cloth, if the fibre mix allows. This can be useful on some dry-clean only fabrics as well.


Jersey, knits and other fabrics liable to become misshapen should be dried flat and once dry. Most fabrics should be pressed before cutting – preferably on the wrong side.