Bloomsbury Square Makes – “Ruffle Neck Top” Vogue V1515 by Sandra Betzina

I am very happy to share this make with you. The ruffle neck top from Vogue V1515  is great to make and I am happy to recommend it. A great piece to add to your wardrobe, it is versatile and can work as either a formal or informal look.

The fabrics suggested on the pattern for substantial fabrics with structure, and I chose a middle ground and made it in our viscose boiled wool, as it has some body, plus drape, and a soft feel to the fabric.

Vogue Sandra Betzina V1515
Vogue Sandra Betzina V1515

I was concerned about the neckline, as I didn’t want it to look like I had escaped from an Elizabethan drama!  so I felt a softer shape around the face would better and the wool viscose felt like a good choice. I needn’t have worried. I would be happy to make it again in a stiffer silk or damask, as the cut provides for that and I can see how it might come out now that I have made my first one. It’s worked really well.



V1515 Ruffle neck top
V1515 Ruffle neck top



Sandra Betzina pattern instructions are so reliable. It can be a bit of a relief to find that all you have to do is follow the sequence described and guess what?! – it works.  It may sound a little odd, but it can be quite frustrating to find yourself reading and re-reading instructions and find that a key piece of guidance is missing and you can’t work out what goes where….  Frustrating! It was a lovely process and I may have let out a little happy squeal when I completed the elastic in the neckline and found it had worked first time. No unpicking for me…. Yippee!

Now lets talk about the fit…  Always learning when it comes to my handmade clothes and this was no exception.  I always make things a little too big!!  When I make another, more of that later, I will be more careful on the armholes and sizing around the bust.  It’s a tad roomy. ( Secretly a bit happy about that, v naughty..) I had always planned to wear a long-sleeved top underneath and keep it for cooler days, so I wasn’t too worried, and it looks really good.

Length-wise – it is completely brilliant for pencil skirts and has a fashionable cropped look. it sits bang-on my waistline. I am so glad I didn’t lengthen it, as again, I wanted to see pattern proportion as the designer intended it. I can see that it will be a great pairing with the skirt which is included in the pattern – so a whole outfit.

Will I make it again – yes! I have my eye on a lovely dark floral cotton with little flowers which I think will be great and will be a useful wardrobe addition for the warmer months. Plus, I think it would be good as a top for dinner dates, in a douppion silk like the azure blue which will be coming onto the on-line shop soon, as will the viscose wool.

Thanks for reading. Happy Sewing!

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