Bloomsbury Square Makes – Trend Patterns “The Cape”

It’s a great time to be sewing! Why?

Well one of the reasons, is the wealth of dressmaking patterns which are available.

It is so easy to find interesting patterns from pretty much anywhere in the world and access them easily via the internet. There is an amazing pool of talent and creativity among the pattern designers. When I need inspiration, I can happily spend a few enjoyable hours online looking for ideas. I see a pattern which looks right, then a few clicks and its on its way to me.

I still can’t resist the lure of the pattern books from the big commercial suppliers either. Now those are proper page turners for me! I have always liked Vogue patterns, which is why I stock them now, but I am also keen on seeing what new talent is emerging. Such a great sense of optimism in seeing how the growing sewing community responds so positively to each new Designer who emerges.

Let’s look at Trend Patterns. I love their ethos – “Dressmaking patterns keeping you up to date with catwalk trends”  Focused on stylish fashion expressed through quality patterns, the background and fashion house experience of founder Lucy Sinnott really stands out.

I love her Cape pattern, which has such a simple, clean look that you may be forgiven for passing it by, but don’t!

Trend Patterns Cape
Trend Patterns Cape

Crisp tailoring, elegant lines and attention to detail, make this a winner. It reminds me of a catwalk look which retails at four ( and more) figures.  As always, the choice of fabric is key. What is so great about this design, is the fact that it will change like a chameleon depending on the choice you make.

Trend Patterns Cape
Trend Patterns Cape

I have gone for the front zip option, and made it in a cosy, 100% boiled wool in a deep red  to wear it when the weather is cool but not freezing.  Given the cut at the front, which is so beautiful judged, I would also like to see this made up with the closure at the back, perhaps in a fabric for evening/cocktail wear. I like an elegant coverup, and this one won’t swamp or overshadow your carefully chosen outfit beneath.

Take a look at the Cape pattern on the Trend Patterns website and start dreaming!

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