Here is my selection of favourite haberdashery for you, so that you can start sewing as soon as your order arrives. My choices for you are based on the items which I have found work well or make life that little bit easier.

We can match colours for every item for you. Just leave a quick note at checkout.

When you check, you may find that you don’t have everything you need already in your stash.

Here are the essentials for your sewing bag;  permanent items which you will use for most projects, such as pressing tools.

Then there are items which need replacing fairly regularly such as interfacing, sewing threads and machine needles.

We carry the full range of Gutermann Sew-All threads, so if you need a particular colour, just let me know in the order notes at the checkout. Otherwise, if it would be easier, I can match the thread for you.  We also have the Gutermann Top Stitching and a selection of Overlocking threads available, so please let me know if you need any of those.

Please prompt me to stock your favourites, so do get in touch and I will be delighted to investigate.

Showing 1–18 of 316 results

Showing 1–18 of 316 results