Bloomsbury Square Makes – Jacket Vogue V8430 by Marcy Tilton

One of the patterns on my current list of favourites must be the loose fitting ladies jacket, V8430 from the talented Marcy Tilton.  I decided to make it in one of my boiled wools and was really happy with the result, as it worked well. Very comfortable, soft and warm, (not too hot!) and it drapes beautifully, so I can just pop it on quickly as I head out.

There are two versions, I made View A, and I have to say that View B – which gives you the option of a unique felted creation of your own, gives endless possibilities and a chance to let your imagination go wild! The pattern instructions cover the felting process and also the hand-felting for the decoration, which is very handy. So for those of us who would like to wear a truly unique piece, then this is the one for you.

As usual, I was in a hurry to start and key to the whole thing, actually finish it. It was all I hoped for, impatient me…. naughty. But there really can’t be any more projects to go into the UFO pile… that’s Unfinished Objects to those who don’t know. We all have them don’t we? I’ve promised myself that I will finish everything I start to make from now on. Well, lets see how that one goes.

The jacket makes up quickly, as boiled wool is a dream, no fraying edges. I would recommend that you pay very close attention when cutting out, as the lines which you cut, will be the part of the finished garment at the end. If a bit of a wiggle on the edges is ok with you, then that is fine too of course. I did a quick test for fit, with a tissue fit, just to check that the size and style would be right for me, and it was worth it, to check the length was where I wanted it be. I know that I won’t wear it otherwise and I was determined to get this just right. Another bonus with this jacket in the amount of fabric required. Most of my fabrics in stock are the wider width, of around 150cm and I only needed just under 1.5m. I did prepare it first, we all do that don’t we!! with a little press under a cloth and some steam.

So, you can see the finished jacket in the picture, plus a quick look at the front of the pattern which I used.
I hope you like it and feel inspired.

V8430, Marcy Tilton

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