About Bloomsbury Square

I created Bloomsbury Square in early 2015 to make it much easier to find lovely fabrics for dressmaking. I learned to sew at the convent school in Midhurst, West Sussex, where my teachers, the lovely Sisters, taught me wonderful, traditional sewing skills and we used the old Singer sewing machines in our sewing rooms. The years passed….I moved several times; studying, parenting and a high-pressure business career in communications and marketing meant little time for sewing and slowly I drifted away and forgot all I knew.

Then I decided to take a career break and I re-discovered my love of sewing (plus my stash of fabrics bought in the eighties and nineties!) went to sewing classes and remembered all I had learned and more. I found sewing again more exciting than I can say. As I started to hunt for quality fabrics, in fashionable patterns and colours for my  projects, I found it very difficult. It was those experiences which led me to set up Bloomsbury Square.

Which happens to be in Midhurst…

But that is another story.

I source my fabrics from the UK, and Europe, and love finding the smaller quantities from designers and quality factories which I include alongside the main range, so that I offer you the widest and most interesting selection which I can.

I hope you find the growing selection inspiring, and exciting. If there is something you are looking for in particular, or would like to share a picture of your latest project, please email me at victoria@bloomsburysquarefabrics.com. I love to see the fabrics made up and to share your pride when you complete your hand-made project.

Thank you for visiting, and happy sewing!


Victoria Pender