Bloomsbury Square Makes – Style-Arc “Mila Designer Dress”

Based in Australia, style Arc just keep going from strength to strength. The Mila designer dress suits pretty much most body types.

It has a slight cocoon shape and is designed as an easy pull on dress, which means no pesky zips and buttons. Yay to that!

I have been interested in their wide range of flattering and well-designed patterns for some time.  I meet lots of people who come to Bloomsbury Square looking for fabric to make up for the patterns, so I am lucky enough to see the finished results.


I picked this pattern to make the dress for myself in wool crepe for a trade show which I was visiting. I wanted to look smart and stylish (don’t we all sometimes…?!)  Bear in mind that it’s tough work visiting lots of fabric and haberdashery suppliers for a living;  well someone has to do it, work with me here people……Throw in plenty of walking, and a couple of nights living out of a suitcase and the wardrobe choices needed to be thought through beforehand.

For me, that means take a dress! Quick and easy in the morning, long sleeve jersey top underneath, nice necklace, knee length boots ( it was freezing cold). Job done.

The Mila Designer Dress will indulge your personal style and with a little planning, you can get really creative with your fabrics.  I went for my favourite of navy on the top and black on the bottom – sorry, old habits die hard, remember the smart work thing? but please bear in mind that this dress will look really fabulous if you try different fabrics for the bodice and the skirt. Linens work well, as will a silky tweed working with another fabric.

It was pretty easy to make. I really liked the clear instructions, which flagged up early on, joining the point at the front and gave guidance on how to make this work. And it did, first time. It is not difficult at all and I appreciated the advice.  Thanks style-Arc.

You can buy their patterns in paper or pdf format and these can be found either direct from their website or you can head to their shop on Amazon or Etsy to find your preferred format.

Happy Sewing!


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