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A sewing box essential. Fray Check.



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Prym Fray Check.  Try this, you will wonder how you managed without it. Fray Check is a colourless liquid that prevents stressed areas; such as button holes, seams, shirt collars, and cuffs from fraying by reinforcing the fibres.

Allow to dry after application.

Use a little dab on buttonholes before cutting the fabric to make the final opening for the buttons. It will help to keep a smooth edge and stop the fibres escaping. Use with a little piece of interfacing to make repairs to small holes after accidentally making a small nick in your fabric.

We’ve all done it…..

When sewing the edges of curves, Fray Check can be applied to the edge of the curves, which are then conveniently cut before turning and without fraying. This sealing solution gives rolled seams a stable finish. It can even be used to provide a fray-free seal to the edges of self-cut fabric motifs.



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