Coats Cometa Overlocking Thread – 5000M


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An excellent quality Coats Cometa overlocking thread, which we recommend for use with all overlocking machines. It is suitable for use with most types of fabric. It comes in a wide range of colours in 100% spun polyester. The colour codes are listed in the drop-down box. Please click on the colour which you would like.

  • Black 97ATT
  • White 259F
  • Cream 0202F
  • Grey 09389
  • Green Sage 0517F
  • Green Sprint 05349
  • Brown 0248F
  • Petrol Blue 0536F
  • Pale Blue 07142
  • Turquoise 0405F
  • Royal Blue 0236F
  • Navy Blue 07912
  • Cerise Pink 0409F
  • Baby Pink 0300F
  • Dusty Pink 0408F
  • Pale Pink 0407F
  • Rose Pink 0515F
  • Claret 0411F
  • Burnt Orange 0242
  • Orange 0528F
  • Purple 0587MJ
  • Daffodil Yellow 0508F
  • Primrose Yellow 0401F
  • Emerald Green 0520F
  • Khaki Green 0522F
  • Chestnut Brown 0243F
  • Oyster 314MJ
  • Charcoal Grey 0228F
  • Silver Grey 09581
  • Blue grey 0620MJ
  • Powder Blue 0534F
  • Peach 0510F
  • Coffee Cream 0210F
  • Beige 08168
  • Deep Pink 03778

Additional information

Fabric width 5000 cm
Fabric Group



Baby Pink 0300F, Beige 08168, Black 97ATT, Blue grey 0620MJ, Brown 0248F, Burnt Orange 0242F, Cerise Pink 0409F, Charcoal Grey 0228F, Chestnut Brown 0243F, Claret 0411F, Coffee Cream 0210F, Cream 0202F, Daffodil Yellow 0508F, Deep Pink 03778, Dusty Pink 0408F, Emerald Green 0520F, Green Sage 0517F, Green Sprint 05349, Grey 09389, Khaki Green 0522F, Navy Blue 07912, Orange 0528F, Oyster 314MJ, Pale Blue 07142, Pale Pink 0407F, Peach 0510F, Petrol Blue 0536F, Powder Blue 0534F, Primrose Yellow 0401F, Purple 0587MJ, Rose Pink 0515F, Royal Blue 0236F, Silver Grey 09581, Turquoise 0405F, White 259F


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